Give car thieves the headache.

How to prevent becoming the next car theft victim. What you need to know. What you need to do to.

Join the Crusade Against Car Theft

Twenty years street experience as a policeman in Victoria Police taught me that as the police got smarter so did car thieves and that their ingenuity and boldness was boundless. I spent years dealing with ever increasing car theft, keeping up to date with the car thief profiles and their latest techniques. I knew that they were well aware of the weaknesses of most car security devices, popular car alarms and steering wheel locks. It was not until an attempt was made to steal my car at a busy shopping centre which was fitted with both a car alarm and a well known steering wheel lock that I decided that a car security device which would beat the thieves was urgently needed. I was a policeman not an engineer but knew how thieves think and operate. I knew all about car theft hot spots, the importance of layered security, visual deterrence and the weaknesses of the popular car security devices. I decided to create a highly visible security device that would immobilise the brake or clutch, that would fit most older and new cars and which was affordable for everyone. I needed to create a lock that would give car thieves a really big headache. So, I went to work on a car brake or clutch immobilising lock. Many prototypes later and after testing by persons with technical and expert car theft knowledge the Cop-Lock was created. I still continue my crusade against car theft and the education of car owners about car security. I am dedicated to bringing to the public�s attention the things that they can do to reduce car theft. This leaflet is a small part of my campaign. The Cop-Lock is my contribution towards the armoury of products designed to reduce car theft.


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With your actions and the Cop-Lock we will give car thieves the headache they so deserve.


Bob Lycoudis - NPM, VPM
Sergeant Victoria Police (Retired).

Car Theft: Some Myths. The Reality

Myth: My car won�t get stolen.

Reality: A car is stolen about every 8.5 minutes in Australia. Yours could be next.


Myth: No one will steal my old car.

Reality: Most vehicles stolen are over 10 years old because they are easier theft targets with less security protection.


Myth: Most cars are stolen by organised gangs.

Reality: Only about 25% of cars are stolen by professionals. Most thefts are opportunistic for a joyride or to commit other crimes.


Myth: Thieves will steal my car no matter what I do.

Reality: Thieves have varying theft skills and can be deterred by effective security measures and devices.


Myth: If stolen, my car will probably be recovered.

Reality: Yes, there is an 80% chance of recovery but they often come back badly damaged.


Myth: I'm not affected by vehicle theft.

Reality: Everyone bears the huge cost of car theft through higher insurance costs and the criminal justice system.


Myth: It doesn't matter if my car is stolen my car insurance will cover me.

Reality: The car may be replaced but there is usually an excess plus a lot of hassle waiting and looking for a new car.


Myth: It is not worth the time and money to protect my old car.

Reality: The cost is huge if you are not insured and that does not include all the inconvenience.


Myth: The cost of theft is only time, money and the hassle.

Reality: Tragically lives are lost every year in stolen vehicle accidents.


Myth: I do not need to worry about car theft. It is not a big crime problem.

Reality: Car theft in Victoria represents approximately 9% of all crime reported.


Myth: There is not much I can do to stop the theft of my car.

Reality: Preventative common sense, multi layered protection and visual deterrence does reduce car thefts.


Profile of a Car Thief

Generally, car thieves can be divided into two distinctive categories:

The Opportunist

The opportunist is a person who may see your car as a means of transport to get to or from work, or simply to keep out of the rain. They may see it as an easy target and take it for a joy ride or to be used in the commission of other crimes. Often when a car has been stolen by an opportunist and recovered it is returned to the owner in a damaged state.

The Professional

Professional car thieves are motivated to steal cars for profit. They are usually organised, work in teams and are either after specific car parts or intend to change your car's identity in order to resell it later.