Myths and Realities about car theft.
Reality. Only around 1 in 4 cars stolen are by professional thieves. They are stolen by joy riders or to commit crimes. These thieves are generally unskilled and will be deterred by an effective security device.

Neighbourhood Watch

It has been my experience that joy riders not being professionals, use brute force - they do not pick locks. Cop-Lock's lock is not easy to pick and needs professional tools and expertise far beyond that of most car thieves.

Hi Bob and Cop-lock :) Great invention. I work in online technology and have seen how easy it is to buy on eBay or the Dark Web, the ability to clone any major car vehicle's keys. (one of the most popular ways to steal a car as you mention is gaining access to their physical keys or replicating their virtual imprint). So while the new to me Mazda 3 SP23 has a factory immobiliser, I though it a good insurance policy to have a low-tech solution to compliment it. Having had other cars broken in to that had an immobiliser, this time I promised myself I'd fight the criminal threat these times with a range of (affordable) yet successful anti-theft measures.

I ordered the well-priced Cop-lock from Net Spares and was pleasantly surprised when the local courier arrived with a solid feeling box containing the Cop-lock. Installing Cop-lock into the Mazda 3 was a breeze and I've found it's pretty quick to get it on and off. (which should also speed up over time)

Thanks also for your common sense car security tips on your website as I feel a combination of low and high-tech approaches is best to combat both opportunistic and technically minded criminals. Best wishes on the success of Cop-lock and your business Bob

Great invention :) Ben Barren

Hi there - just to let you know I am very happy with the Coplock. It's a very sturdy piece of kit and works well in my car. It was very well priced and as described in the advertising. I have recommended it to friends also. It�s a great product that I'm very happy with.

Thanks ..... Adrian, South Australia

Hi. It's a very good lock for my type of car as it's an older model without any significant security features. With it on, you can't engage the brake (so you can't take it off brake) so the car is not going anywhere. It's a simple near bomb proof lock.

It could be improved though by having some glow in the dark paint on it (I did this myself). It's better than having the steering wheel sign which looks really odd.

Thanks. Allen, Victoria

Owning a soft top can be a problem if it is not garaged and for a few years now. I have parked our Suzuki Swift in the street. Its my sunny day car and this was my first mistake. With access as simple as cutting though the Perspex windows I shouldn't have been surprised that it was stolen for a joy ride. Next mistake was to try one of those cheap steering wheel locks. Really bad choice, and second theft came soon. The inconvenience and the cost of repairing the soft top made me look for options.

Then I found Cop-Lock. First I was sceptical, then I fitted it. I tried to get it off, tried to drive without a clutch - another mistake. I couldn't. It was dream to install even my wife can fit it. It isn't ugly and is visible from the outside and wow ..my life has now changed. No more visits to the police to retrieve my fun car ..no more thefts and no more cut and damaged soft top. Mr Cop-Lock is my best fun car investment I've made next to my awesome removable sound system. Thankyou Cop-Lock.

B.Hughes East Melbourne Vic

This device works very well. The structure of it is very solid and more importantly, when it is on the pedal it does the job. It's great!!!! I have some friends of mine who also own GT XY/XW that are interested as well as a Valiant Pacer.

George K. New South Wales

I use Coplock on my VN l988 Holden and on my 1999 Nissan Pathfinder. I wanted a strong visible theft lock, a hack saw just bounced off it.

Colin Hateley, Camperdown.Vic

Hi Bob, I'm happy with the coplock, a great device.

Greg.B. Northern Territory

The Coplock is great, I live off Grey Street St Kilda and have to park my car on the street every night. I leave my car with confidence every night knowing it be where I left it nest morning. A great invention worth every penny.

Piers M. Melbourne.

Hi. I received the Coplock last week. I am very impressed with the design, engineering and obvious strength of the Coplock. In a world where so many products under deliver on their promises, Coplock delivered. It fits the brake pedal on both my cars. Consequently, I placed an order for a second Coplock. I thought I had better draw this to your attention.

Regards, Steve, ACT

Hi Bob. Thanks, I am very pleased with the two Coplock's that I have purchased, easy to use, good quality and construction. You have another very satisfied customer, many thanks for designing an excellent product.

Regards, Robert, NSW

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